#50: Introducing Talk of Shame

My new podcast (!), plus, consent theft, imaginary post-pandemic selves, and more...

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With hindsight, I realise that a lot of what The Greater Freedom is about, is actually shame. I thought I was writing about societal expectations and the impact that that has on my / our lives, but I see now that societal expectations are embedded in us through shame - so much so that they’re actually inseparable, really. In particular when we’re talking about ‘3aib’, the Arabic iteration that places heavy emphasis on the concept of ‘honour’, what is made out to be the opposite of shame.

It was feeling shame, and not understanding where it came from, that first made me want to write the book. Since then, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with the concept, and the question of how we can free ourselves from it. So I’m SO excited to announce the podcast I’ve been working on with Womena: TALK OF SHAME.

Throughout the 10 episode series, I talk to guests from the diaspora and the region itself, women the likes of Noor Tagouri, Rosaline Elbay, Rotana, Nour Emam and more, on everything from the burdens of carrying family honour, the weight of society's expectations, its effects on mental health and everything in between.

Episodes will be released every Tuesday starting TODAY. The first episode is out now, featuring Sabreen and Meis, the hosts of the Third Culture Talks podcast. We talk how shame stems from the patriarchy that affects us all, the very first time we were made to feel shame or hear the word ‘3aib’ and more.

Listen to Talk of Shame

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